Monday Update #33

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday lovelies! I'm currently sending lots of love and warmth from very sunny Bombay, India where I have been spending time with family and friends! It's been such an exciting couple of weeks so far and I'm sure that you've been keeping up with me on my Instagram! I recently got to see the new collection for Gucci at a special event they hosted at their Mumbai store. I've also discovered so many beautiful new spots here in the city that I will be sharing soon! Till then scroll down for what's going on this week!


This Past Week

Although I've been struggling with some wi-fi issues I shared some super cute stories for you guys this past week!

I'm talking about a very special thing that inspires and empowers me right here.

I'm also sharing three beauty products that I recently found that have totally changed my beauty routine! Have a read here! 


Inspiration for the Week

Favourite New In Pieces

Fashion News You May Have Missed...

What do you have planned this week?