I Gave Up Sugar for 30 Days & This Is What Happened

Fashion blogger Shloka Narang of The Silk Sneaker shares her experience in giving up sugar from her diet

Did you say NO SUGAR?

If you watch my Instagram stories or my new vlog, you'll know that I love Psycle. When the (super gorgeous of course) CEO wrote an article about giving up almost every form of sugar for 30 days, a group of close friends and I decided we were up for the challenge. It's not unknown that sugar is pretty terrible for your body, and more than that, you'd be surprised how many of the things you love to eat are full of sugar. When I started to understand how terribly processed refined sugar is, I know had to do this. Don't get me wrong, this was no walk in the park. It was very hard. I wanted to give up on more than one occasion.  There was no refined or unrefined sugar in my life and I could feel myself getting clammy, irritable and shakey.  This is coming from the girl who used to (key words: used to) put four sugars in her coffee. About a week into it, something started to change. It got easier, I felt better and I was reaping the benefits of it already. There were three main things I noticed that happened to me when I gave up sugar and they really surprised me. After reading them, I think you might want to try this too. 

Fashion blogger Shloka Narang of The Silk Sneaker shares her experience in giving up sugar from her diet

My Skin Improved Drastically

I have struggled with acne for a majority of my teen years and early 20's. Nothing seemed to keep it away and any girl knows how insecure a single pimple can make you feel. Well, imagine 30 of them all over your face. Top that with a job that has you on Instagram and your outfit photos all day, the insecurity can really build up. About two weeks into this challenge, I wasn't wearing any makeup anymore. My skin suddenly cleared up and began to glow. I felt so much more confident and not only did I notice it, but those around me did too. I suddenly heard so many people with a similar story on how sugar is their acne trigger! No cake isn't worth me feeling horrible about my skin. Now that I know sugar is what is causing my breakouts, I'm controlling my intake of even unrefined sugar post the 30 days. Guess what? I don't even miss it that much. (Again, coming from the girl who used to eat cupcakes for breakfast. If I can do this you can too!)

Everything You Think Is Healthy, May Not Be

I had tons and tons of "healthy" snacks in my kitchen when I started this challenge. I thought to myself, Shloka, you're going to be just fine for 30 days with all these goodies! Just in case though, something prompted me to check the ingredients - every single thing had sugar in it. Palm sugar, agave, honey, all of them. Mind you, they were all savory as well! Through the 30 days, I realized that the food I thought was good for me, really wasn't that great. A friend of mine then pointed out something that really clicked. Just because it's healthy junk food, doesn't make it any less junk food! Yes, I'm talking about the lentil chips and all! Essentially, It became a lot about cooking and making my own snacks. I love to cook so this was actually quite fun, and more than that it really forced me to be so much more aware of what I was putting inside my body! 

Fashion blogger Shloka Narang of The Silk Sneaker shares her experience in giving up sugar from her diet

I'm Stronger Than I Thought & I Bet You Are Too

There are two points to this. Firstly, I found that my body had more energy than I thought it would have. I was more active and less lethargic. My body felt so much stronger. Secondly, I was really surprised that my mind was much stronger than I thought. Sugar has always been one of my vices. From a young age, I have had an incredible sweet tooth. Leave me with a cake and it will be gone. To go from dessert after every single mean and chocolate as a snack to nothing at all was no easy feat but I found that my willpower was much stronger than I gave it credit for. I'm not going to lie to you, I wanted to give up a few times. Going for a meal to a restaurant was no easy feat. Every single time we decided to eat out, we would have to intensely scan the massive binder of recipes used to see what we could eat. However, doing this with a group of other people really made the whole thing more manageable and encouraged me to keep going because I wasn't only letting myself down if I gave up, but them too! You would be surprised at how powerful your mind is!

So my 30 days are over and I thought I would be running back to the sugar. What's happened instead is that I loved the feeling of how clean and strong my body felt that I am actually much more aware and careful about what I eat. A huge shoutout to my favorites who did this challenge with me Here's the link to it! Go on, I dare you.

  • Oooh I’ve been skirting around doing this for ages. I try to limit my added sugar but food labels are so not clear enough between what is natural and what is added! Cannot believe you’ve done it after having four sugars in your coffee though, good on you girl! Where’s your index finger ring from btw? Love it!

    • Thank you so much Laura! I really appreciate the support! I really really recommend doing it!! Basically any form of refined sugar is bad for you so maybe cutting that out of your diet is a great way to start! The ring is from Dior 🙂

  • Hi Shloka,

    I admire you! I would love to do the same but since I had my daughter I find it hard to say no to chocolate. :-((

    • Aww Miri! I bet you would surprise yourself! Maybe a great way to start is by just reducing your intake of refined sugar! x

      • Hi Shloka,

        In my case, I eat only dark chocolate. I don’t use refined sugar or drink soda. But I do eat 4 pralines per day (it is always more than 70% chocolate). I eat very healthy otherwise but crave black chocolate every day. :-((

        • That’s okay babe to indulge yourself a bit!! You can do it! x

  • You’re making me hungry! Love your sunnies 🙂


  • Hehe, I remember your struggles on Instastories and was curious how will the challenge be. Proud of you for being able to stay sugar free for a month, and yesss! Your skin looks glowy and a lot healthier now. Wishing you a great week ahead! xx


    • Thank you SO much Andreea! You’re so sweet and your support means everything! x

  • Alex L

    Very inspiring ! I would love to try it !

  • Thinking about completely giving up sweets is scaring me already! Like you I have a big sweet tooth as well, but I have lessened my sugar intake. I admire your will power to completely cut off sugar, I guess I should at least give it a try and see does it change my skin or anything 🙂

    • I LOVE my sweets as well and it seemed so daunting but I promise it’s not so bad once you try! I would recommend it and I would be so curious to hear what happens for you! x

  • Giving up sugar for that long is quite difficult for some. If giving up sugar would make me feel stronger, sign me up. Everyone must try this.

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    • Trust me it was so difficult for me too but when I did it, it felt amazing and I really want to continue to reduce my sugar intake! You must try it and if you do let me know how it goes! x

  • Well done you! I did no sugar for 60 days about a year ago (due to gut health issues) and literally my skin never looked better, I was completely caffeine free and very aware of what I am eating. Right now I got back form the travelling and I did consume probably a lot of sugar then usually and now I am seriously starting my detox again. Thanks for writing this !! xx


    • Thank you for reading this! Yeah the difference on your skin is insane – so much so that I just wanna keep going! x

  • It’s been really interesting to read your experience! I try to avoid sugar as much as a can but sometimes my body “asks” for it. I have a really sweet tooth and having a treat from time to time is my guilty pleasure. However, I do my best to eat as healthy as possible.


    • That is so good Cristina! It can be really hard to say no to it but I’m sure you’re doing a fab job! Keep it up! x

  • I have gone off of it for months at a time in the past too. It definitely makes you realise how sweet everything is. Like in the same way that bitter things are a shock to taste. I will admit I was never one for chocolate bars or sweets that much, but I definitely felt myself wanting them if I ever made a bit of a habit of it. Now I try to get most of my sugar in fruits, and don’t have too much in general of other treats. It’s a bit about moderation. Good job on going through with the 30 days. It tells you a lot about your own willpower as well. Not having snacks in the house is a big help too. We have people come to stay and mind our place while we travel and they always complain that I don’t have anything in the house to eat. Haha, literally though, we make our own sauces and such in small batches so they don’t go off and we know what goes in them. Plus, having savoury or sweet snacks around is too tempting. I have seeds and nuts and just activate them, thats good and way better for you! My partner doesn’t love it, but he knows it is better for him. haha
    xx Jenelle

    • Aww thank you so much and it’s so glad to hear that you’re doing the same thing! Yes once you cut it out you realise HOW sweet everything is! I find that a great place to get sauces and stuff as well is also the local farmers markets – they make their own pestos and dips without sugar and they are amazing! I’m thinking of reintroducing honey into my diet because it’s also really good for your immunity again granted that it’s from local pollen!

      Don’t worry – people who come over have the same complaints about my very healthy food cupboard!!!